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One of the most powerful marketing tools for Central Oregon businesses is now available online.

Compiling our annual collection of Central Oregon's industry lists is one of the most demanding chores we undertake, but we think our efforts are definitely worthwhile. This year's publication has 96 different industry lists and approximately 3,000 business contacts. Everything from accounting firms and eye care clinics to title companies and commercial contractors are listed.

The primary reason for compiling this annual compilation of industry lists is that, in our view and that of our customers, this is the number one marketing tool for their business.

How does the online edition give your company a competitive advantage?
  • One-click export of valuable marketing data to Excel.
  • Import the data from Excel into your Customer Relationship software.
  • The perfect solution for your direct mail campaign.
All this is available for an annual subscription price of $200!

This data is the exclusive property of Cascades Publications Inc. / Cascade Business News. A $200 annual subscription authorizes one user to view the information and use the data for business marketing purposes. Use any of the information to create a competing product is strictly prohibited and abusers will be prosecuted. Sharing this information with a multiple of users is not authorized and misuse of this information will result in immediate cancellation of access. For more than one user contact for further negotiations.